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With the beginning of the New Year, many Law Firms and legal departments will be looking to make new legal hires and team moves in 2019. If you’re a firm looking for an executive search consultancy to assist you, Jones Davey is a name you can trust. Here is a more detailed look back at some of our previous success stories…

Head of Employment – Top 50 National Firm, Oxford

Following a move in-house, our client had been trying to replace their lead Partner for some time. They had met and interviewed a number of agency candidates, but none had made the grade. The position was further complicated by the fact that they are located in a relatively small legal centre with four main competing Firms.

After a series of Partner placements, we were retained. We proactively approached three of the client’s competitors on a discrete and confidential basis. Within two months, we had recruited and secured a Head of Department from one of their main rivals.

As part of our process, we assisted our client with the evaluation of the individual; including a ‘cultural fit’ assessment, in addition to analysing his client relationships and the likelihood that they would follow (including some strategic thinking to neutralise their restrictive covenants). We’re pleased to say that most of his clients followed, and he is a very successful hire based on billings and general ‘fit’.

National Head of Pensions – Top 50 National Firm, London

Our client wanted to break into the Pensions market by recruiting a leading Partner to spearhead the development of a new business. Despite having met several prospects, they had been unsuccessful. Why? Client facing Pensions Partners/Lawyers with technical skills are in high demand and generally looked after by their current Firms.

Once instructed, we devised a tailored, research-based approach targeting a handful of candidates on the client’s behalf. During the initial call, we carefully linked their aspirations, goals and drivers to the role at hand and emphasised ‘what’s in it for them’.

Despite strong competition from other Firms, we were able to successfully recruit a national leader with an exceptional background within three months of instruction due to our thorough approach to executive search.

As it was a development role, we carefully cross-examined their Business Development experience and management skills, alongside the technical skills, as it’s quite rare to find an ‘all-rounder’ in the more technical legal disciplines.

This individual currently heads a team of five (within two years), is billing over £1m per annum, and is internally recognised as a key performer within the Firm.

Offshore Tax – Leading City Firm

We were introduced to a new market entrant that wanted to develop an Offshore Tax practice. Again, Offshore Tax is a technical/high demand area.

Ordinarily, we would fill an assignment within two to three months of instruction but in this case, it took almost a year to secure the right person. We continued to work diligently until we had completed the assignment and presented the client with a selection of individuals from which they were able to choose.

Our executive search process added further value by contributing to the due diligence on the chosen candidate’s client portfolio, managing his exit from the Firm and, therefore, ensuring that 75% of his clients were portable and followed in the first year. This provided client continuity whilst also enabling him to have a rolling start. Again, the candidate has been very successful albeit with the Firms support.

A sample of the deals we have completed:

M&A Partner (Top 30 Firm)

International Arbitration Counsel (Leading US Firm)

International Private Client Partner (Top Tier Firm) London

Senior US Capital Markets (White Shoe Firm) London

Restructuring Partner (Top 50 UK Law Firm) Yorkshire

Real Estate Team (Top 40 Firm) London

Asset Finance Partner (Top 10) Hong Kong

Head of Employment (Top 50 Firm) Oxford

Real Estate Partner (Top 70)

National Head of Pensions (Top 50 Firm) London

IT/IP Partner (Top 20 Firm) London

Head of Offshore Tax (medium sized City Firm)

Head of Business Immigration (Top 50 Firm) London

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